Being able to cook inside our tiny space was always a goal of ours. For one, our son has food allergies and being able to cook his special chicken nuggets was important. Two, we have to eat – smile.

We use a toaster oven, a microwave, and a crock pot for most of our meals.

The Toaster

The toaster oven is great, but there were challenges we had to manage. Early on, we would trip the breaker if the toaster oven and the microwave ran at the same time. We thought about plugging them up on different wall outlets. Haven’t gotten around to it yet.

The toaster oven also gets extremely hot and produces a great amout of heat in the tiny space. Of course, we open a window to cool things down.

The Microwave (Ole Faithful)

The microwave is a microwave. We buy microwavable bags of broccoli, corn, and rice. We also use the microwave to heat water.

The Crock Pot

So far, we have only used the crock pot a couple of times for making veggie stew.  It is the easy to use compared to the microwave until you have to clean it.

I thought cooking would be impossible before we moved, but it has turned out to be okay.  We quickly learned that cooking and eating creates dishes that must be washed. Washing dishes has also become very interesting.

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