It was around 8:00 PM – bedtime. I was helping my son take a bath. Then a small voice broke through the splashing water, “Dad, help me do this!” It was my daughter who wanted me to help her in the other room. I walked over and saw puzzle pieces scattered all over the table. I yawned and said, “Can we do this tomorrow, sweetheart?” “No!” she replied with sternness. I took a deep breath and looked at her pushing down puzzle pieces that didn’t quite go together. I smiled and said, “Ok, but only for a few minutes.”

My daughter and I sat there and worked on the puzzle just before bed. In the process, the worries of the day faded away, and I totally forgot about my son turning into a sponge. I was sleepy but mentally refreshed. Did I need a puzzle session? No, but I needed that still time with someone I loved. My daughter’s face lit up every time she found the right piece, and my heart lit up with her.

That was the lesson for me. Complete a puzzle with my kids at night when I’m tired and sleepy and cranky. Lol, just kidding. The lesson was: routine is necessary, but it can become monotonous. Take time to be still and enjoy those you’re most grateful for.

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