I’ve discovered things about myself (Michael) while living in a tiny home. Here are two psychological discoveries that I’ve found.

1. An overwhelming sense of gratefulness

The carpet, hot running water, warm floors, and a small number of insects was never something I concentrated on when I was living in a normal suburban neighborhood. But now, I don’t have those things, I found myself feeling completely grateful for what I used to have.

These days, if the cold water runs, the floor is swept, and I can name the insect crawling on my wall, I feel totally blessed.

2. The psychological grip over material things that have no value

One of the hardest things for me to do – as we were moving into our tiny space – was to let go of items that had no value in my life. It was hard to let go of old college books. I felt my grandson would need it one day. It was hard to let go of my old computer that I last turned on in 2008.

My mind was fused to materials in my house that provided me with no value where I was going.

Those are two of the biggest things I’ve learned being here. I think I’ll come back and add more as they come.

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