We discovered – after living in the tiny home for a few months – that a decent size refrigerator was a necessity.

Our previous 4ct. refrigerator was similar to that of a hotel refrig. It was unable to hold a weeks worth of food or leftovers. Food would cool unevenly – food near the top was frozen, but food was ungodly warm near the bottom . I, Michael, was personally afraid to eat anything out of it – my wife included. We did catch something that had everyone in the house throwing up. It only lasted a day, but it was logical to blame it on food gone bad.

We purchased a 7ct. refrigerator, and it was just the right size. It was large enough to hold frozen veggies, juice, sauces, fruits, and pretty much anything we needed daily. The refrig was something I needed in order to feel comfortable hanging out in the tiny space – no need to leave and fetch food.

Thinking about it all. I never considered while I was living in the “pink house” – that’s what our son called our previous house – how much a refrigerator provided a sense of comfort. Whelp, that’s it until next time. I’m sure someone out there can relate. Take care and keep those refrigerators running – that was lame.

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