This week we were invaded by fire ants. My wife killed 50 ants within 20 minutes. That was just the beginning. Together we killed another 50 or so when I came home from running errands.

What did we do?

Of course, we loaded up on raid and ant traps or whatever they’re called. We sprayed around the door where they entered. The raid was effective, but it was a reactive measure. They only died after they entered the house and touched the ant killer. Not cool Robert Frost.

We decided to insulate that entry point using tape. It wasn’t pretty, but it worked! Luckily, we came up with something because it was late and I (Michael) was headed to bed soon. It’s hard to sleep thinking that an ant will crawl on you for dinner.

Why now?

We wondered why the ants showed up. We think it was due to a change to warmer weather.  It’s still fairly old, but we’ll need to come up with a more permanent fix before summertime. Ants and tiny spaces don’t mix.

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