We survived it! For me (Michael), the first month had ups and downs. It was up once we learned how to regulate the tempature during below 30 degree weather. As you know heat rises and cool air falls. The floors of the shipping container were super cold. We got around that little problem with footies and laying down a decent size living room carpet.

It was down trying to survive cedar fever. It doesn’t take a lot of open door time to fill up a tiny space with cedar. I’m allergic, so that was rough.

After January, things started warming up. Overall it hasn’t been too bad, plus, the kids love playing outside.

How do we feel so far?

I had a coworker ask, “Do you regret it?” We don’t regret the move. Honestly, we spend a lot of time focused on our daily routines which we have now.

I do missing something about our previous home, but I haven’t been able to pin point what that is. Was it the larger space, the insulation, the walls, the furniture, the shower, or what I don’t know.

What’s next?

We plan to keep trucking along with life as usual. We hope things will get better as we become more familiar with tiny living and larger amounts of land.

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