The Wash

We had to wash dishes by hand when our dishwasher wasn’t working in our 1500 sqft home. No problem.  We had two sinks – one side was used for washing and the other side of the sink was used for rinsing.

Now we don’t have a dishwasher or two sinks, so we’ve had to get creative.

We use two tub-like containers to wash dishes. One is used for washing and the other is used for rinsing. It’s nothing like it use to be, but it gets the job done.

There is room for drying the dishes, but just a little. Luckily, we don’t have tons of dishes that we brought for our tiny space.

The Sink

Counter tops are about waist high – most if them. Our’s is much different. Our sink is chest high.

The extra space is used for storing things like our microwave.

Whelp, stay tuned. We’ll have more updates in the days to come.


Posted by:lifewithmichealandjackie

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