We expected to face challenges moving to the country. One of those many challenges has been the process of avoiding deer as they cross the road.

A friend of ours totaled their honda after they hit a deer. We’re not interested in joining that list.

My wife and I made a commit to drive 40 miles per hour and give full out attention to the road. That way, we can be on the look out, and have enough time to react in case a deer steps out on us.u

On this Sunday morning, those rules were broken, and our speed reached 60 miles per hour. To our surprise, two young healthy bucks decided to take a stroll across the highway as we were racing by.

It happened so fast. I drove right between them just as they started to run. It was a near miss – mainly, because I was fooling with the radio -but it was so close that I could have rolled my window down and feed it a snack.

Needless to say, I will be driving 35 miles per hour and leaving my phone in the trunk.

Until next time peeps!




Posted by:lifewithmichealandjackie

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