In November of 2017, my wife and I (Michael) talked about repositioning ourselves financially. We were spending way too much money on our one income.

There was nothing else in our finances we could cut in order to save money. Then a friend of mine offered for us to stay on his camp land so we could save more and focus on ministry opportunities.

My wife was super excited about the adventure of living in a tiny space, but it would be a challenging process as we attempted to move into a shipping container of 290 – or so – square feet.

We didn’t want to buy a storage unit, so we decided to sell almost everything we owned, and give the rest away.

That’s what we did.

We packed up all of our things and gave it to Goodwill – minus the stuff we sold. That was pretty hard psychology and very revealing. We were holding on to items we hadn’t used in years.

We pressed through it – teardrop. Now, the hard part – or the exciting part depending on how you look at it – will begin.


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